Tag easy your JPG photos with JPG Keywords

Download demo version of JpgKeywords. Demo version is limited to three keywords per jpg file. Buy a license, activate JpgKeywords and enter keywords without limit per file.
When you buy a copy of Jpg Keywords, you can upgrade to all subsequent versions for free for the same major version. 
You will get all versions 1.00-1.99 for free and Jpg Keywords is not limited in time.
JpgKeywords version 1.3   
Release date: 22 Nov 2020
Download JpgKeywords portable version 1.3 (10.2 MB):
Download JpgKeywords install version 1.3 (10.6 MB):

What's new in JpgKeywords version 1.3

1. Added button "Filter Only Selected" - shows only selected photos. Useful when working with a large folder with many files. 
Let's say for example there is a folder named "Year2020" with 1000 photos and you want to focus on a small subset of pictures, lets say 50 birthday photos. 
You can select these 50 photos and press "Filter Only Selected" button. Only selected 50 photos will be displayed.
Now pictures can be tagged with birthday related keywords without interfering with other photos.
Press the "Clear filter" button to see all photos again.

2. Added additional statistical info (View->View statistics). 
Added file list grouped by count of keywords in file.

3. Added button "Copy to Clipboard" in statistic info.

4. Added "Copy file Path" option in photo context menu (right click on photo). 
If several (or all) photos are selected, the path is copied for all selected photos.

5. Added "Open in Default JPG Editor" option in photo context menu (right click on photo).
Open photo in the default program associated with JPG files in the system. Also you can double click the photo while holding Alt key.

6. Bug: Font color for keyword list is not changed from "Font" button. Fixed.