Tag easy your JPG photos with JPG Keywords
JPG Keywords

How to edit keywords in JPG photos using JpgKeywords software

  1. Download and install JpgKeywords. Without buying a license you can use the program as long as you want, but you cannot enter more than 3 keywords per photo.
  2. Add keywords to your jpg photos - add, delete and rename keywords.
  3. Buy a license, activate JpgKeywords and add keywords without limit per file.

JPG Keywords Demo

Why JpgKeywords is better

1. Speed
Tagging photos with personal keywords is a time consuming process.
To tag thousands of photos with hundreds of keywords can take many hours.
With JpgKeywords you can tag your photos times faster in comparison with other software.

2. Еasy to use
Copy and paste keywords from one photo to another photo or to many photos at once.
Copy and paste from keywords list to one or many photos at once.
Copy and paste keywords between two instances of JpgKeywords.
Copy and paste keywords from the text editor as notepad to photos or to keywords list.
Drag and drop keywords from one photo to another.
Drag and drop keywords from keywords list to one or many photos.
Rename keywords in many photos at once.

3. Clarity
See your keywords instantly. 
No need to click on photos one by one.
No need to click on "properties", tabs, buttons, lists etc. to see what keywords a photo contains.
All keywords are visible on thumbnails at once for all photos.
Add, rename or delete keywords - you see results instantly at a glance.

4. Language 
Some software assume that English is the only language in the world and have problems with non English text.
JpgKeywords uses utf-8 encoding to store keywords. You can use keywords in any language. 
Even you can have keywords in several languages in the same photo.

5. Independence
JpgKeywords stores keywords directly in JPG metadata, no local database is used. 
No need to keep your photos on specific folders. You can copy, move, rename your files - keywords remain in the files.
You do not depend on JpgKeywords, because you can switch at any time to other software - your keywords are in your images.
You cannot lose your keywords because of a lost or corrupted database.

6. Autonomy
JpgKeywords have no dependencies. 
No need to install any additional software, libraries or whatever.
No need for an internet connection. 
No clouds, no internet services, no need to have accounts or logins or whatever.
All you need are your photos.

7. Compatibility
Some software use wrong metadata fields to store keywords.
JpgKeywords stores keywords in the standard place - in IPTC->"Keywords" metadata tag, according to standards.
But some software "just in case" store keywords not only in IPTC->"Keywords",
but in several different places - in captions, description or whatever else metadata.
Even in the EXIF section instead in the IPTC section - "just to be sure".
Such non-standard files will not be compatible with other software.

8. Special characters
Some software use commas to separate keywords.
But what if you want a comma as a part of the keyword? For example "one,two,three".
JpgKeywords allows you to use any characters in keywords - commas, quotes or whatever.

9. Preservation
JpgKeywords preserves your photos. 
The only thing that JpgKeywords touches is IPTC->"Keywords" metadata tag. Nothing else.
The JPG image itself is not changed in any way. If the image contains other metadata the other metadata is not changed.

10. Intuitive
JpgKeywords interface is easy and intuitive.
There is a lot of good software with rich functionality including tagging with keywords.
But when photos are not few, but hundreds and thousands then the simplicity of the JpgKeywords is a plus.
When you want to tag your photos, you want to tag your photos - nothing else.

11. Convenient
Customizable view, thumbnails, size, font, count of visible keywords, keywords statistic, powerful keywords filters etc...

12. Price
Buying JpgKeyword you buy it for life. JpgKeyword does not have any time limits. No subscription, no monthly payments.
Buying JpgKeyword you can upgrade to all subsequent versions for free with the same major version. 
You will get all versions 1.00-1.99 for free.