Tag easy your JPG photos with JPG Keywords
  • Q: After opening a folder with JPG photos ("Select folder" button) the keyword list (on the left) is empty. Why?
  • A: After opening a folder the list is populated with all the keywords from the photos.  The keywords are stored in the photos themselves as metadata. If keyword list is empty this means that there are no keywords in photos.

  • Q: How to add new keyword to keyword list?
  • A: Right click on keyword list and select "Add new keyword to list".

  • Q: How to tag a photo with keyword?
  • A: Select one or more keywords from the list and drag them on thumbnail.

  • Q: How to tag a several photos at once?
  • A: Select several thumbnails. Drag and drop keywords from keyword list to thumbnails. Keywords will be added to all selected photos.

  • Q: What if photo already contains same keyword?   
  • A: Duplicate keywords are not allowed in one file. If keyword is added more than once to photo then only one entry is stored.

  • Q. How to delete keyword from photo?
  • A: Select one or several thumbnails. Right click on thumbnail and select "Delete Keyword(s)" or press "Delete" key from keyboard.
  1. If you want to delete several keywords - select them and press "Delete Selected" button.
  2. If you want to delete all keywords press  - directly press "Delete All" button.
  3. If you want to delete just one keyword - just double click on it.

  • Q: How to replace keyword in a photo?
  • A: Select one or several thumbnails. Select from program menu Edit->Replace Keyword (or press Ctrl+R). Select keyword to be replaced. Write the new keyword and press OK button.

  • Q: How to edit keywords in all photos at once?
  • A: All keyword operations (add/delete/replace) with keywords are performed on selected thumbnails. To select all thumbnails press Ctrl+A.  Note: Click on thumbnail and press Ctrl+A to select all thumbnails. Click on keyword list (on the left) and press Ctrl+A to select all keywords in the list.

  • Q: Can thumbnails size be changed?
  • A: Yes. Select from program menu Options->Options->Thumbnails options. You can change thumbnails size, background color, font for keywords on thumbnail and keywords columns. The last setting "keywords columns" is useful if you have too many keywords per photo.

  • Q: How program process thumbnails?
  • A: Thumbnail is generated for every photo. Thumbnails are not deleted at program exit. This means that first time you open a folder with photos this is slow process, because thumbnails must be generated. But the next time open a folder is a fast process, because already existing thumbnails are used.

  • Q: Can thumbnails be recreated?
  • A: Yes. Select from program menu View->Refresh thumbs (or press F5). Thumbnails will be recreated.

  • Q: Where thumbnails are located?
  • A: In Options->Options->Cache options you can specify cache folder for thumbnails.

  • Q: What means "Edit->Repeat the last added keywords (F4)"?
  • A: You can drag and drop one or more keywords from list to a thumbnail. If you need to add same keywords to another photo there is no need to drag them again. Just click on another thumbnail and press F4. The last used keywords will be added to photo.

  • Q: What means "Edit->Select keywords directly from image (F2)"?
  • A: Select one thumbnail and press F2.  Now you can drag and drop keywords from that thumbnail to another thumbnail without using the keywords list from the left. This is useful if near located thumbnails have similar keywords.